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Susan Salantri
Gerard Slattery
Edward Tadley
WOW! Has 50 years gone by already? Didn't we just graduate from "Saints"? Have we really gone on to high school, college and the working world, raised families, had the good and bad times in our lives? Through it all the one thing that remains constant is the time we spent together as classmates in the "old" and the "new" school builidings at St. Cecilia. Remember the "rec" and "the Chase"; how about buck-buck and pom-pom in the school yard? Do you still use a pencil to do math and a fountain pen to write? I still remember my first "crush" (are you out there Dianne?), the Hager School where we first learned to hold a guy or a girl when dancing and the 8th grade dance at the Rockledge firehouse. I still have the 8mm movies somewhere that my father took that night. Ahh, the great times in our lives which we didn't realize then.

But time marches on. We are all somewhat grayer (except for the ladies who have not one gray hair on their heads), some of us have even less hair, are heavier, have grandchildren and spouses; some are no longer with us and we miss them. Still, we will always be the members of the Class of 1962 from St. Cecilia school and that in itself was worth it.                                               - Rich Girard
Tom Cramutolo
Mary Eileen Gabriel
Terry Garvin
Rich Girard
Bill Godshalk
Greg LeCerff
John Linus
John Loftus
Bill Magaziner
Janellen Monaghan
Gerry McCullough
Ed McGinty
John Newman
George Powell

Bill Sebald
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Class Picture from 1962
For all of our veterans who served, here is information about Shades of Green from Bill Godshalk
Here are the photos from the planning dinner that was held on Sunday May 6th, 2012
Well everyone, the party's over but what a party it was! It was so great to see all of our friends and classmates who took the time to attend, coming from near and far. Great food, great memories and great companionship were the order of the night.

Our thanks to Ed, Bill, John, Kathy, Janie, Claire, George and Rich for putting everything together and making it such a memorable evening.

We are going to continue this website indefinetly and we ask that you continue to send us your photos and life stories so we can add more profiles to the site.

In addition, we are planning to do an annual dinner to keep the class spirit alive and continue to stay in touch with other. More details on this will follow at a later time.
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It is with great sorrow that we announce the recent passing of our classmate Susan Salantri on August 8, 2018. Please click here for Susan's obituary.