Hello all.
Living in Southampton, Pa and working (?) as an Electrical Inspector for Philly and surrounding counties and consulting with one of the few good contractors in Bucks County. Left the construction field after 40 years with various Electrical Contractors---otherwise known as "liar's poker". Traveled extensively in construction which gave me a fulfilling appreciation of our great country and it's resources. Presently single and looking for my soul mate and travelling partner----she is out there somewhere.
Semi-retired as of January 1 and attempting to enjoy life and it's just rewards. Have maintained contact with some of our classmates (JerryMac, Hutch, Niv, Newt, Skip and occasionally DiSario and Ducky). JerryMac and I are godfathers to one of each others children which keeps us
in constant touch. Looking forward to our 3rd edition of reunions as we had them in 1982 and 1997. A TERRIFIC time was had by all who attended and we all anticipate the best of the best for this one. If you haven't been to one make it a priority----we'd lve to see you in the house!!!

Fear of the future is a waste of the present"*

Bill (Gooch) Godshalk
Bill Godshalk
Gooch, JerryMac, Niv & Hutch Orlando, 2010
Orlando, 2010 Niv, JerryMac & Gooch
Gooch and the Girls in Orlando, 2010
For those of you who were in Vietnam and even for those of you who were not, check out the Vietnam Pocket Guide that was issued to all US troops during the Vietnam War. Just click on the picture to the left.