Bill Magaziner
After leaving St Ceciliaís I struggled through Central High (as opposed to LaSalle or Dougherty) with Paul Panameranko, in my case ,at the chagrin of Sister Corde Marie, as some of you may remember. I need to remind of the public scolding she gave me when I see her! (Just kidding) I managed to get into Penn State despite my poor high school grades and graduated in better style. Married at the time to my college sweetheart since 1969, I went to Georgetown for 1 year of graduate work in their School of Foreign Service, having our 1st son in 1971. He is now 40 with 2 children living on Long Beach Island, owning 3 seafood restaurants in that area. Forgoing the Foreign Service I began a career in the Financial Planning business in 1972 in Philadelphia and have been doing Legacy Planning for High net worth individuals throughout the United States and will celebrate 40 years doing so this September. Iím still having too much fun to retire because Iím able to hunt, fish and golf the world while still bringing in a good wage. My first wife gave up on me in 1976. I moved to Long Beach Island in 1979. I remarried in 1984 and have a 24 year old son from that blessed union. Heís still finding his way with 1 Daughter. I gave up on number 2 in the 1990. I moved to Colorado in 1992 and have been based here since. I remarried (what a glutton I am ) to my current soul mate (Bill G keep looking ,theyíre out there) in 1994 ( with 1 son of her own - then 12) and sheís, (unbelievably), still putting up with my antics.

My marital career has been obviously more interesting (and costly) than my professional one but despite it all I have my health and the love of those I truly care about. I donít believe it gets any better than that !!

I hope , God willing , to see you all in September.

Bill Magaziner
Magaziner Financial
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Bill Magaziner and his wife Kathy