Ed McGinty
Ed and Mary McGinty
My wife Mary and I live on Bristol Rd. I have been living in Warminster since 1977. I have 4 children, two boys and two girls, Eddie, Patrick, Kelly Ann and Katie. I have four step children, that I was privileged to help raise, Jack, Bart, Shawn and Shannon, whom I love, like they were my own.

I have been a Real Estate Broker with Remax since 1982. If you remember me back in grade school, I was a real chatter box. Sister Charles Marita told Sister Mary Ellen to watch me because, I was a "TALKER". Well Sister you had no way of knowing, but that is how I would make my living. I love people and love houses, a perfect match.

John Linus and I had a conversation recently, and he mentioned he raised his children in Fox Chase. In a way, I wish I had done the same. Looking back on my childhood it was a great place to be raised. I like you, had wonderful classmates, and great Nuns that taught us.

Can you imagine, Sister Charles Marita taught us in 4th grade, and there were 113 of us. She is the person who discovered that I needed glasses. Ny childhood memories are filled with wonderful things that happened at our school. I was, and still am, truly blessed to have known all of you.