Gerry McCullough
Gerry and Sandra McCullough
I decided I was too smart for school and begged the Air Force recruiter to take me before the draft came. Spent time on Taiwan and Japan as a triage medic for the wounded from 'nam. ( I didn't see John Linus but I did see Mike Lamont from the grade after us. He was wounded too.) Anyway, spent time in Germany where I met and married the best that England had to offer. Made my living mostly in sales and vending. I always had to be on the road. Singing has been my hobby, from singing in a band to Andrea Bocceli to singing the part of the Phantom in a quartet show. Bill Godshalk and I have remained the best of friends, we are godfathers of each others sons. Also keep in touch with Terry Garvin and Jerry Hutcheon. Sandra will retire this year and I will be cutting back to part time so we may spend some more time together. I don't want to sound corny, but I have been truly blessed with 2 fine sons and ther beautiful wives and 3 wonderful grandchildren. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Sept. I tell people of the reunions we have had and they find it hard to believe. I think this is truly special.    Jerrymac