I'm divorced and have 2 sons, both doing well. My son Howard has a Daughter 11 and a son 7. Brian-John has 2 girls 9 & 7. I live in Marlton, NJ temporarily until my home in Somers Point is repaired from being destroyed from Sandy, the hurricane. I have two jobs. My company CC Timoney, LLC was originally Janelle Technologies, started in 1988. We supply products to the transit industry and help rebuild trains big ones like Amtrak, Septa.  Camden Riverline. I am in the process of restructuring the company and getting certified as a Woman Owned Business in New York to do business there as well.

I also work for James Candy Co. Temporarily at the shore in the summer and at Bayard's chocolate in Cherry Hill. I'm obviously not ready to retire
I love to travel and have been very fortunate to go abroad for business and pleasure. I love cruises but also enjoy traveling the US and skiing.
It was wonderful re-uniting with friends from St. Cecilia's.

By the way, I must add that, during my devastation last year John Loftus let me use his  condo in Ocean City while my sister Ave and I were cleaning and emptying my home.  Words can't express how thankful we were. It all started at the reunion when we  were talking business about working together on contracts where they needed  a Woman Owned company.

That's all and will let you know about my progress.

Janie or  Janellen Monaghan Riggs
Janellen Monaghan
Gooch, JerryMac, Niv & Hutch Orlando, 2010
Orlando, 2010 Niv, JerryMac & Gooch
Gooch and the Girls in Orlando, 2010