Tom Cramutolo
Tom and Sue
After Dougherty, I went off to college like many of us but, my party habits got me kicked out my junior year ( ya gotta love the 60ís).  Rather than be drafted in the army ( thatís a whole another story) I enlisted in  the Marine Corp. I was a grunt and did something called Force Recon. I had almost a full tour and a half in Viet Nam until someone wearing a pointed straw hat decided to use me as a target.
After VN I went back to school to finally finish up. During that time I actually missed the military and joined an Air Force reserve unit.

After graduation, they sent me off to flight school and I then spent a fun 6 years flying and having fun.  In 1978 the DOD transferred me to a place I only knew from sending away for toys inside of cereal boxes. That was Battle Creek MI. Once I got here, I kept begging my career officer to get me out of this Podunk town.  Guess what?  Iím still here. I met my best friend and wife (Sue) here in BC and we are now married for 29 years and we have a great son who is now 26 and engaged.

In the early 80ís I got offered a flying job with the Federal Aviation Administration to do something called Flight Check. Essentially, we designed the instrument approach procedures pilots use in bad weather and then we would perform in- flight quality performance flights. I did that until 1997 when I then transferred over to Air Traffic Control. I retired from the government in 2009.

When I transferred from the DOD to the FAA, I also transferred my military service over to the Army National Guard and transitioned into flying helicopters (Hueyís & Cobraís). I did that until I retired from the military with 29 years of service and  I retired as an 05.
I am now pleasantly retired, but I still do some flight instruction in fixed and rotary wing aircraft plus I broker corporate aircraft ( I canít sit still).

Life has been good, but the days in Philly and at St. Cecilia and Dougherty have been memories that have stayed with me all of these years.
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