Terry Garvin
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.....oh that was typing..so after one year at Dougherty off to California and joined the army March 1st 1967. Twenty two months in Vietnam extended twice to get an early out.  Have been in home improvement, building materials and construction most of my career and retired from Home Depot in 98.  I met Beverly while we were both working at Home Depot and been married 16 years, between us we have five children.  Bryan, Brayde, Zack, Joel and Drew.

Hunting, fishing and most outdoor activities have always been exciting..built a house in the woods of east Texas, I play guitar and  to play Johnny B. Good seems to be fitting in the Pinny Woods.  Go Johnny Go.

Will always remember the times at St.Cecilias, Franks, Jo Jo's, the Rec, The Oxford theater, Pennypack Park, V&R and the old house at 635 Rhawn.  We had the best school and nuns, and friends ever...

My favorite movie is The Blues Brothers, 'WE ARE ON A MISSION FROM GOD'.
See what Terry's been up to in this video he made